Moleculera Labs – sole provider of the Cunningham panel

Wieslab acts as a service partner to Moleculera in countries outside of North America.

Moleculera Labs provides specialized testing services for individuals suspected of suffering from treatable autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders such as PANS or PANDAS. Moleculera Labs are the sole provider of the “Cunningham Panel™” which assists physicians in their diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders, including PANS and PANDAS.

As a service partner to Moleculera, Wieslab has direct contact with physicians (outside North America) that wants to order the PANDAS / PANS panel. The test is ordered via sending a patient’s serum sample together with a Wieslab Request Form to the Laboratory in Malmö. For sampling instructions and exact address, please see the Request Form.

View a short video about PANDAS and PANS

This educational video from Moleculera Labs provides insight into the autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders PANS and PANDAS. These treatable disorders are triggered by well-known infections such as Group A strep, mycoplasma pneumonia, influenza, herpes simplex and Lyme disease.

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